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A wonderful violin by the famous Brighton based firm W. H. Tibbalds and Sons.  This firm was established in 1879 and was eventually bought by Albert Cooper of Winchester;


"I was called in to clear up the estate of the well know Brighton firm of W.H. Tibbalds after the sad demise of Bert Tibbalds. Lodged behind the work bench was a bow by J.B. Vuillaume, it had obviously been there a long time, probably lost during the war years. More out of respect for the family, and with their permission,
I decided to keep this fine example of French work.
"  This became the very start of the magnificent collection of instruments owned by Albert Cooper and provided the financial basis for the Albert Cooper Musical Charitable Trust a wonderful resource for budding young musician who can apply for generous grants to help fund tuition or the purchase of an instrument. 


This is a lovely violin the back made from a beautiful single piece of flamed maple.  Beautifully constructed the tone is bright and complex with some excellent, rich overtones.  It would make a great companion to a progressing student.  


We had a customer visit the shop who was 98 years old and he remembers purchasing his first instrument from Mr. Tibbalds in Brighton when he was a young lad. He remarked that Mr. Tibbalds was a very nice chap! 



William Henry Tibbalds, Brighton 1902

  • £4,200

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