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A lovely antique violin most likely made in the Dresden workshop of Louis Lowendall circa 1890, bearing the brand 'Concert Paganini Violin' to the back of the scroll in the classic Lowendall way. 


This violin is typical of their workshop's production, always of high, reliable quality it offers a superb, affordable and well built choice for an advancing student.  


The vioiln has been set up to the highest standards in our workshop by our professional, fully trained and experienced luthier fitting the best quality handcut bridge, levelling the fingerboard, installing correctly fitted new pegs, soundpost and hardware. 


The sound is excellent, rich, focused and full of warmth.  This violin plays beautifully and will be more than suitable throughout the beginnings of a player's study and career. 


The condition is excellent, with no repairs, cracks or damage. 





Louis Lowendall, Dresden circa 1890

  • £1,250

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