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A truely superb violin bow made by the 20th century's greatest bow maker, Eugène Nicolas Sartory in Paris circa 1920. 


This bow is one of the best Sartorys we have ever come across, the choice of pernambuco is just sublime.  It's incredibly dense, strong and rich providing the perfect strength and weight for a Sartory made during this, his golden period at the start of the 20th Century.  The bow provides everything you would expect and more from one of the most celebrated makers in bow making history. 


The bow is in a fantastic state of preservation, retaining its original silk lapping, although unfortuately the button has been lost and replaced by an exact copy made by Pierre Guillaume in Brussels.  Something which does not alter the playing characteristics of this bow, although does make the bow more affordable.  


The weight is 61.8 grams. 

Eugène Sartory, Paris circa 1920

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