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An incredibly rare, branded example of a bow made by Edward Dodd II. 


This bow is upon first glance appears to be made as a collaboration between Thomas Tubbs and James Dodd but the head model just isn't quite right for either, making this bow a tricky one for us to correctly identify. Luckily upon closer inspection there is a beautiful preserved brand almost exactly where the mortice is on the handle, E. Dodd, half cut away by the frog mortice. 


As far as we know this is the only bow in existance branded E. Dodd in this way, and it gives us a fascinating insight into Dodds workshop practises. Presumably bows made in the Dodd workshop would be branded by the individual maker before the mortice was cut, and then disposed of when the bow was finished off, leaving just a standard DODD brand on the side of the stick and also on the frog. 


This is a lovely violin bow, beautifully made from the most perfect pernambuco, as almost all Dodd bows are. It's a lightweight bow, ideal for those wanting a historical bow to use for early repertoires and would be finely suited for chamber music.  Bows such as this always produce a fine, warm tone and can be great fun and energetic. 


Unfortunately this bow has lost it's original adjuster, however we have expertly copied what would have originally been present on a bow from Dodds workshop in this period. 


The weight is. 


Edward Dodd II, London circa 1830

  • £6,000

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